Our Backgrounds

From firsthand experience we understand what a person expects and needs when reclaiming European citizenship, and our diverse professional backgrounds and multiple international experiences make it easy for you.

Ronen Waisser, a descendant of Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian grandparents, studied international relations and has seven years of practical experience reclaiming European citizenship for clients within the American Continent who have a European ancestry. Mr. Waisser serves as Honorary Consul of a member country of the European Union. He speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew and German and has lived in Mexico and abroad rendering him multi-cultural.

Gaby Finkel, a descendant of Polish, Russian and German grandparents, is a corporate and intellectual property attorney with more than 20 years of practical experience serving as legal counsel for law firms and private corporations in Mexico and the United States. Mrs. Finkel is Bilingual (Spanish/English) and bi-cultural admitted to the New York State Bar and licensed in Mexico. She is experienced in a variety of industry sectors, and is highly-skilled in international matters.

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