Our Story

As the descendants of Europeans who immigrated to the Americas in search of a better life for their families we understood the importance that a European Citizenship granted and thus, we separately began the process to reclaim our ancestor’s nationality. Going through the complicated steps without any advice or council made the process long and uncertain. After many unsuccessful attempts, we finally learned what it took to correctly navigate the complex process.

Initially, we offered advice to friends and family who wanted to do the same. But, were constantly asked to take care of the process, given that we knew what we were doing and people wanted the results without the hassle. Thus, GetEUPassport was born.

Today, GetEUPassport is a full-service agency dedicated to providing quality services to reclaim European Citizenship within the European Union for descendants of Europeans who were born outside of their ancestor’s homeland and want to reclaim their European Citizenship and obtain all the benefits and opportunities a European Citizenship will give them.

GetEUPassport is a “one-stop-shop” who not only has knowledge of the legal requirements and processes, but has also built-up strong professional relationships with local associates in most of the EU countries and the diplomatic representations in the Americas to be able to diligently and accurately process European citizenship and passport applications. We are distinguished by the breadth and depth of our experience, providing fast and reliable services with attention to detail.

GetEUPassport has created alliances with local European representatives who support the investigation processes by researching and obtaining the necessary documents to prove citizenship eligibility. These local representatives provide GetEUPassport with a highly competitive advantage by providing local expedite services, and when possible, following the process from application to citizenship issuance.

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