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While submitting your eligibility questionnaire please consider the following:

– There is an eligibility Assessment Fee of $49.99;
– The Assessment Fee is Non-Refundable;
– GetEUPassport will review the information You provide thoroughly;
– We will review incomplete questionnaires; however, Geteupassport does not guarantee an accurate opinion if any fields are not duly completed;
– If needed, Geteupassport will contact You if additional information is required to understand possibilities of reclaiming the requested citizenship;
– If the information You have submitted is not enough to provide an accurate opinion, Geteupassport will inform You, and any additional research may incur costs, which will be submitted to You for prior approval and must be paid by You accordingly;
– Geteupassport has specific expertise of the following EU member countries: Poland, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, France, Austria, Spain and Portugal;
– Geteupassport also provides services for other EU member countries, but on a more limited basis;
– GetEUPassport is not responsible for changes in the laws of EU member countries that might affect Your case;
– You will receive a first response from Geteupassport within 3 business days of your application.

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