Q : Can I hold two or more citizenships?

Most countries allow you to have dual or multiple citizenships.

US, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and most countries in Latin America allow you to have more than one citizenship.

Q : Can my children obtain a European citizenship through me?

In most cases your children can also become citizens of the European country of which you are applying for citizenship.

Q : What are my obligations as a new citizen of a country?

You should use your new passport whenever you enter your county or one of the 28 countries of the European Union.

You do not have to live in the country of citizenship for any specific amount of time, or keep a residence thereof.

Most countries of the European Union give you the right to vote, even if you have never lived there.

Q : Do I have to pay taxes in the country of citizenship?

The vast majority of the EU countries will not tax your income obtained elsewhere if you don’t live there.

Q : Once I become a citizen of a country in the European Union, how do I apply for a passport?

GetEUPassport assists clients in obtaining their European citizenship and as a second step we also guide you on how to apply for a Biometric Passport at the corresponding Consular Office nearest to your place of residence.

Q : Once I get my citizenship, can I lose it?

In most cases you can only lose a citizenship if you personally waive it in front of the proper authority.

In some cases, however, you will automatically lose your new citizenship if you further apply for another one.

Q : Why is GetEUpassport my best option to obtain a European citizenship?

For the past 7 years GetEUPassport has served scores of individuals and their families by diligently reclaiming their European citizenships. GetEUPassport has a high success rate in securing citizenships and the issuance of passports for over 1000 satisfied clients.

GetEUPassport has knowledge of the laws and requirements of most of the countries of the European Union and has a daily involvement and constant communication with consular offices and local representatives of the countries of the European Union.

GetEUPassport will accurately inform you about your possibilities and the steps to follow to achieve success. We will take all the necessary steps to obtain your citizenship. This includes searching for documentation, review processes, translations, and preparing and submitting applications as well as processes when the applicant’s direct action is required, meaning that only the applicant may apply for documents (such as applying for birth and marriage certificates in the United States, among others), and concluding with the steps to obtain a passport after the citizenship has been confirmed.

Q : How much does it cost to obtain a citizenship from a European country?

The fees may vary depending on several factors including how many documents the client provides, how much research is needed, how many documents must be translated, and government fees.

After the eligibility process review, GetEUPassport will send you a personalized quote for your convenience.

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